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A Stylish Gym Bag

Following on from my post “Back at the Gym” and reading an article in The Daily Mail   which was titled “Is a designer gym kit the new ‘It’ bag? How trend-led sportswear is changing the way we dress to work out.

I thought I would keep to the fitness theme and show you how you can use the Amelie bag is a stylish gym or swimming bag.

In the few times I have actually made it to the gym this year, the one thing I have noticed is what bags people bring to the gym, this ranges from small wheelie suitcases (I kid you not) to carrying  2 bags or a large sports bag.

This got me thinking about the Amelie bag and how to use it as a gym or swimming bag.

It’s large enough to accommodate a pair of trainers, towel and workout clothes, features a multi-pocketed waterproof interior so that workout gear, mobile phone, snacks, water bottle, keys and other essentials can be stowed safely in separate compartments and are easily accessible.

Two clear, removable zipped bags which can be used for toiletries, make-up, transporting those damp gym clothes home in or storing jewellery.

In addition, the Amelie comes with a co-ordinating clutch bag which you can swap essentials such as purse and mobile into if you want to nip out and grab a wine  I mean coffee after your work out.

To watch a Video of the Amelie bag click the picture or on this link Amelie Gym Bag

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The Perfect Travel Bag

When I designed the 1st Mia Tui bag it was for travel, having two kids and doing a lot of long haul flights I needed a bag that could fit everything, allow me to find everything quickly and easily, whilst negotiating a then 3 & 4 year old,  and zip up.

So the Amelie bag was born.

I thought with the summer holidays not too far away (really they are not that far away) I would tell you why I think this is the perfect travel bag and give you a little discount code if you wanted to purchase one. Code MT102 in the discount box will give you 20% off the Amelie range.

For some reason as soon as you step foot in an airport you kind of lose your mind, you always panic if you have your passports, where have you put your keys, have you got your foreign currency, then you have to contend with security and getting everything out of your bag – I think you get my picture.

So what I wanted with the Amelie bag is, that if used properly you will know exactly where everything is and you can breeze through check-in, security and board the plane looking cool and stylish.!

The bags that you get with the Amelie bag should be used as follows..

The Clutch – Your purse, passports, boarding passes (then when you are at your destination use as your evening bag)

The Carry-on Liquid PVC Bag – Well as the name suggests use this for your carry on-liquids or make-up. When you are at your destination this is great for your small electrical items around the pool as it is water-resistant.

The Large PVC Bag – This can be used if travelling with small kids for a change of clothes, nappies & wipes, or if you have older kids for their colouring pens and bits to keep them quiet and let them easily see what is in the bag, or for your camera/video & leads. When you have got to your destination use for your sun creams.

You have clips for your keys so you will never lose them, together with phone and pen holders, so if you have to fill in a immigration form you will know where your pen is, oh and your passport and boarding passes for your flight number because they are in your clutch bag. 🙂

The water bottle holder is great when you have  passed through security and need to grab a bottle of water, and you won’t have any accidents with spilt water in your bag.

The beauty of this bag is that it is water-proof inside and out so you can use it as your beach bag if you have gone somewhere hot.

The large pocket is big enough for a 13″ laptop and I am told the clutch bag can actually fit a Kindle..!

When you have everything you need to hand around the inside of the bag in the right bags, then there is a big space in the middle to dump the non-essential items.

I hope this give you a better understanding on how best to use the Amelie bag as a Travel Bag.

To get 20% off this bag quote MT102 on the website www.miatui.com postage is free.



Mia Tui reviews

I thought I would collate all the reviews that have been done on the Mia Tui bags in one easy to find page.

I designed the bags to be used for so many different occasions, Work, Baby and Travel, you choose how you use your bag.

How I would use the bags are as follows

Amelie – this is the perfect travel bag for me, it is airline compliant and I know where all my essential things are. Once at my desitination it becomes my beach bag as it is water-proof and the clear bags are for my suncreams, ipod etc.

Use as a….

  • Hospital Bag
  • Work bag
  • Baby bag

Ava – I use this when I am out with the girls, I can fit everything I need for them, water, snacks etc but still have my stuff at hand in the co-orinating clutch.

Use as a…

  • Baby Bag
  • Work bag
  • Travel bag

Grace – this is my everyday bag, I can still take drinks with me and always find phone, pens and keys, I wear it across my body so my hands are free, but if I want to change I just take out the strap and its as traditional handbag

Use as a..

  • Everyday bag
  • Baby bag
  • Light travel bag


The Baby Show, Fresh Starts and a Hospital Bag

My god it has been a while since I last blogged.. Life is a bit full on at the moment and I don’t think it will slow down until I slump in front of my roast turkey and eat until I can’t move.

So what has been happening..? I did The Baby Show for Trade which was our 1st serious show, I was in the final of The Rattle to Riches competition, I was very nervous, I didn’t win, they said it was very close! but at least I didn’t get any red flags saying they would never buy my bags.!

We had really good feed back from the buyers, and managed to place 1 order on the day, so the new bags will be winging their way down to two shops in Essex in a few weeks.

Then half term inconveniently arrived, so I juggled work and kids and then headed down to The Baby Show in Earls Court, I had now idea what to expect from this show, having my kids abroad I had never gone to any exhibitions like this before.. My god it is a pregnant women’s paradise, they can buy everything there.

Walking through the show on the 1st morning before everyone arrived got me thinking of when you have your 1st baby,  everything is new, you have your beautiful nursery all decorated in neutral colours, clothes all ironed and put away, creams, nappies, the new bath tub, room temperature monitor, baby monitor, you have it ALL. It is going to be perfect, you are going to be the perfect mother/father.

This sort of made me want to have another baby, just to put right ALL the things I have done wrong with bring up my kids, oh how there are SO many things I would change… The sleep routine for one, I have royally cocked that one up, every night I have to sit, fan, rub or massage Mia to sleep, Amelie won’t sleep unless there is someone in the room, and up until very recently they would always end up in our room. Money seems to keep them in their room now.. how the old bribery trick works.

The one thing we have drilled into them is to take their shoes off before coming into the house, this is because in Asia it is expected. They never forget, even if they are running at 100 miles an hour into the house they stop take shoes off and run again.. Just shows that consistency works, shame I didn’t do it on  eating their vegetables :- )

Are there many things you would change..?

We had a great show and so many people loved our bags, the thing that surprised me is that the men “got” the bags and really loved them. I talked and talked for 3 days about the bags and by Monday had started to lose my voice. It was great to meet so many of my Twitter friends who came to say hi.

So to the Hospital Bag – well it never occurred to me that the Amelie bag is the most Perfect hospital bag, you can fit everything you need to take into hospital and then it turns into a great travel, days out bag when you have the baby..

When you start to travel with your baby, off to see friends and family you need to take a lot, the Amelie bag is big enough to do it all, so you only have to take one bag out with you. Or and I like this one.. when you drop baby off at your Mums for the night, so you can have some together time, or just SLEEP! you can fit everything your mum will need for the baby and just hand over baby and bag and skip off..!

I am looking for some pregnant women to review the Amelie bag as a hospital bag .. so if you know anyone who fits the bill get in touch info@miatui.com

The new bags are on the website now.. use promo code MT2011 for 10% off and you will see that I have already discounted the older stock, so go and get some christmas shopping done.