About Mia Tui

I started Mia Tui to try to design the perfect bag for Women.. not just a handbag but a bag that can be used for many reasons.

After talking to lots of friends I came up with the 1st bag, and produced 200 of them, we sold out within 8 weeks.

Now we are producing again with some slight modifications – feedback from the 1st bag.

I am amazed how much people love their Mia Tui, you can use it for the Beach/Pool, travelling as it is big enough to fit all your stuff but small enough to still fit under the seat in front of you.

People seem to use the bag as their Baby/Dipper bag as you can fit so much, but also know where everything is.

I hope you have come to my blog because you have a Mia Tui, I would love to hear from you on how you use your bag and if you have any feedback to how we can improve it.

I have a couple of ideas already for the next production run of bags.

6 responses to “About Mia Tui

  • Pupae/Thailannd

    How can I order my dear?
    Please advise.
    (Jenny s mom)

  • Cathie

    WOW you are adventurous! This is fantastic. Well I can not have you talking to just you, so I have joined the club. I would love to buy a bag when your online purchases are ready to go live. Finding the perfect bag for carrying all the jazz that Maximus needs to get us out the door. Well my dear you have taken on a challenge. Enjoy this wonderful journey.
    Sending lots of love, Cathie W 🙂
    St. Louis MO, USA

  • LondonBirdLucy

    Wow! I first saw your bag on twitter a few weeks back, I have to admit I like it very much.
    Firstly, the range of colours, very eye catching, trendy for any stylish mum on the go (even daddy, could hold it and look cool)
    1) The water-proof fabric inside and out, so handy to keep the bag clean from spills and spoils.
    2) it is very spacious, handy for going away, the park, or general shopping
    3) Great large handles, could be used for over the shoulder or handle bar of the baggy, used like this easy access to the compartments.
    4) I love the FACT the unique interior allows you to change the use of your bag in an instant; you can go from travel to a beach bag by just changing the use of your insert clutch bag.

    Awesome! Congratulations on the release and you’re 40th! I hope you’re looking forward to coming back to the UK!

  • veganinvietnam

    I bought one of your wonderful bags at a Christmas bazaar in Saigon and I have a recollection that the lady selling them said that she sells them regularly in district 2 (at ‘The Deck’, I think she said). Could you please confirm this and/or let me have the contact details of your supplier(s) here in Vietnam, as I would love to buy another one?

  • Melanie Jane

    I’m shortly moving to South Africa and would be interested in selling your product at home parties over there – is this something you might be interested in?

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