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Guest Post on the Amelie Bag

Charlotte from @CandyBows road tested the Amelie bag, she has 3 children under the age of 6 and also works.. so this is what she thought of the Amelie bag.. .

Review of Bag

As a mum of 3 children 6 years and under I have over the years gone through numerous bags to try and find the right one that covers all the bases : it must be big enough to hold all the kids gear, it must have compartments so that my stuff is easy to find, it should have places to store makeup, keys, phone etc, it should be waterproof…oh yes and please can it be stylish and not resembling a large rucksack!  After many years we have gone through a lot of bags…. I have had handbags for me and baby bags for them (too much to carry) I have tried waterproof bags for all of us (not stylish) and I have used my lovely handbags to carry it all and have cried when Ribena has leaked all over the inside.  So I was delighted to try the new Amelie bag and give it a good test.


First of all I was so impressed with the colour ways – what a fabulous choice and something to suit everyone! I went with the pewter mainly because I thought this would suit all occasions – going out in the day, going to an exercise class but also I could use it for work too.  The fabric is great as is the waterproof, bright pink lining and the interior pockets are ideal for water bottles, keys phones etc.. no more rummaging around for lost items!  The handles are strong and sturdy which reassured me I could seriously load it up and they weren’t going to give way on me.


What have I used it for – well, it gets used everyday!  Today it has been mine and my twin girls swimming bag – plenty of space for 3 towels and clothes and the 2 clear bags have been great for shampoo etc in one and wet arm bands and goggles and swimming costumes in the other.  The clutch was perfect for my brush and make up and we looked stylish too!  I have used it for travelling with the kids – so easy to have just one bag with the Nintendos in and colouring books plus all my bits I want to get my hands on easily and I’ve used it for work – visiting clients with my lap top, brochures and samples.


It really has been a bag for all seasons! I have had wonderful feedback on it with lots of admiring glances and great comments and I can’t wait to use it all over the summer when we are out for the day and for the beach! It is perfect – well done!

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The Perfect Travel Bag

When I designed the 1st Mia Tui bag it was for travel, having two kids and doing a lot of long haul flights I needed a bag that could fit everything, allow me to find everything quickly and easily, whilst negotiating a then 3 & 4 year old,  and zip up.

So the Amelie bag was born.

I thought with the summer holidays not too far away (really they are not that far away) I would tell you why I think this is the perfect travel bag and give you a little discount code if you wanted to purchase one. Code MT102 in the discount box will give you 20% off the Amelie range.

For some reason as soon as you step foot in an airport you kind of lose your mind, you always panic if you have your passports, where have you put your keys, have you got your foreign currency, then you have to contend with security and getting everything out of your bag – I think you get my picture.

So what I wanted with the Amelie bag is, that if used properly you will know exactly where everything is and you can breeze through check-in, security and board the plane looking cool and stylish.!

The bags that you get with the Amelie bag should be used as follows..

The Clutch – Your purse, passports, boarding passes (then when you are at your destination use as your evening bag)

The Carry-on Liquid PVC Bag – Well as the name suggests use this for your carry on-liquids or make-up. When you are at your destination this is great for your small electrical items around the pool as it is water-resistant.

The Large PVC Bag – This can be used if travelling with small kids for a change of clothes, nappies & wipes, or if you have older kids for their colouring pens and bits to keep them quiet and let them easily see what is in the bag, or for your camera/video & leads. When you have got to your destination use for your sun creams.

You have clips for your keys so you will never lose them, together with phone and pen holders, so if you have to fill in a immigration form you will know where your pen is, oh and your passport and boarding passes for your flight number because they are in your clutch bag. 🙂

The water bottle holder is great when you have  passed through security and need to grab a bottle of water, and you won’t have any accidents with spilt water in your bag.

The beauty of this bag is that it is water-proof inside and out so you can use it as your beach bag if you have gone somewhere hot.

The large pocket is big enough for a 13″ laptop and I am told the clutch bag can actually fit a Kindle..!

When you have everything you need to hand around the inside of the bag in the right bags, then there is a big space in the middle to dump the non-essential items.

I hope this give you a better understanding on how best to use the Amelie bag as a Travel Bag.

To get 20% off this bag quote MT102 on the website postage is free.