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We Won a Gold Medal..!

I got the news today that we won a Gold, Silver and Bronze in the Bizzie babys review.. Click the picture to read the Amelie review in which we won GOLD..!! Grace won Silver and Ava Bronze..

It is funny how awards make us feel good, it is recognition for all the hard work you have put in and also for me it makes me realise that we are on the right track and our bags are amazing..! well I think they are amazing 😉 but what it does do is help other people stop and look at our bags as they have a seal of approval.

I am so so please that the Amelie bag won Gold, this for me is the best bag you can have, use it for travelling, big days out or as a gym bag, you can fit so much in it, but the important thing is you know where everything is.

This bag can be miss-understood as people’s 1st impression is that it is too big, but once you actually use the bag you realise it is not and you only have to take one bag out with you. Now if you are under 5ft 2″ the bag may look a bit big on you 😉

It has been a long time since I last wrote on the blog, we have been so busy, January we were flat-out planning for 2012 and then sending out all the bags people were ordering on the website, as we had a fab promotion on.

February saw us showing the bags at the Spring Fair which is a massive Trade Show at the NEC. We had lots of interest and retailers really liked our bags.  We have to stop people to tell them about the Mia Tui bags, as from the outside they look like any other normal handbag.. So by the end of the 5 days I was exhausted, and just a little horse..!

A TV shopping channel looks like they are very interested, so fingers crossed when we speak to them this week we can thrash out a deal, and start explaining on TV why our bags are so different.

We did a photo shoot last week, I am focussing on the 4 main occasions you should use your Mia Tui bags, Work, Travel, Gym and Mums, so we took to the streets to get some great photos of the bags being used on these occasions. I couldn’t have chosen a colder day, but I think we got some great shots.

Next week sees us at The Baby Show in Excel London for 3 days.. I didn’t design the bags to be a baby changing bags, but they actually make great changing bags, so we do very well at Baby Shows, we give away a changing mat to match the inside colour of the bag and hey presto A Changing Bag..!

March takes us into the world of fitness.. where we will be selling the bags at two aerobic conventions, so I am looking forward to attacking a whole new market for Mia Tui.

I have nearly made it through my 1st winter in 7 years..!! I am really looking forward to spring, today was a glorious day, we went for a walk around the lake and the kids had a play in the play ground, Mia has bright rosy cheeks now. !

Take care

C x