It’s Show Time

It is nearly time to take the Mia Tui bags out on the road.. and find out what the consumer and retailer thinks of my bags.

How does this make me feel..? “Bloody Sick” I can tell you, you have put everything into making the bags and I know I am emotionally attached to them, so any form of criticism never feels nice.

But I have to let go of the apron strings and see if they (the bags) can stand on their own two feet and sell..

Those of you who have followed my blog know that I try to be completely transparent in everything I do with Mia Tui, I really want to make fantastic bags that are affordable and well made. I know I have and will make mistakes along the way, but I’m a new company and just starting out, but I will listen to what people have to say and take it on board.

I managed to win a stand at the Mumpreneur Expo via Mums Club check out it is in Solihull, Cranmore Park Solihull – from 11AM TO 5PM.  If you are thinking of starting your own business or want to get some advice I think it will be worth the time, bring the family as well.

I will be in “Mumpreneur Alley” with all the other Mums who have their own business, so come along and say hi, I have discounted all the bags for this expo. I do have to say a big thank you to Feitsy Tapas, as it was M of Feisty Tapas who told me to enter the competition…

Sunday sees me in Aylesbury for the Bump & Beyond exhibition at the Friars Square Shopping Centre, so I’m are getting around this weekend.

I then get a week off before I head down to EarlsCourt for The Baby Show for Trade, just writing this makes my tummy turn over with nerves..

1. I am through to the final of the “Rattle to Riches” a dragon dens style competition where I have 3 mins to pitch Mia Tui bags to major retailers in the UK, John Lewis, Argos, Tesocs, Asda, Boots, Mothercare, Jo Jo Mama, Babybase to name a few…!!

2. I will really gauge the reaction to the bags as this is the big trade fair for all the buyers in the UK, so if they don’t like the bags.. Well lets not go there just yet.. as I don’t want to think about that.. They will love them I am sure (just a little bit nervous)

3. I have never done any type of trade show before so really do not know what to expect, so I just hope I am prepared and have got everything organised.

Nerves and butterfly’s are all good, but as someone said to me once.. “Just make sure that the butterfly’s all fly in one direction”

The next show is the Baby Show in Earls Court 28th-30th October, this is a massive consumer show where mums can come and buy what they need for their babies and see if there is anything new to the market.

So as you can see I have a busy few weeks, this is what I need, I need to know what people think of Mia Tui and if  I have got it right.

The principles of Mia Tui are that we make bags for busy mums that are Functional, Stylish, Affordable and Well Made.

If you are around for any of these shows please do come by and say hello to me, god knows I will want to see a friendly face.!

About miatui

Mia Tui was born in 2010 after I’d spent years searching for the perfect bag that would suit my busy lifestyle. I’m a mother of two, working, going to the gym, doing the school run, shopping and travelling. I’ve got a busy life but I couldn’t find a bag that could keep up with me. Mia Tui is the busy woman’s best friend – it is stylish yet completely practical. Quite simply it looks great and does its job. View all posts by miatui

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