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What do you think of your Mia Tui.. Help needed

I need your help please..

I entered a competition “Rattle to Riches” which is part of The Baby Show for Trade, it is a Dragon Den style competition which if you get through to the final in October you can pitch your product to some of the Top Retailers in the UK.

I have made it to the heats next week and boy how I need to get into the final, so if you have a Mia Tui bag or if you have lusted over your friends I need to know why you love it, and why it is so useful.

I really want to demonstrate that Mia Tui bags are different from the other bags on the market, by including real quotes from people who have and use a Mia Tui bag.  So if you have a few minutes to spare drop me an email or comment below.

Thanks and fingers crossed I get through to the final, it will be my olympics..!

C xx

It’s finally Over..

The waiting game is finally over, well nearly all of it, still waiting for those kids to go back to school..!

A week today our 40ft container arrived outside our house, I could see the neighbours curtains twitching, “how the hell are they going to fit all that in there” they were my exact thoughts. I thought I had culled a lot in Vietnam, but maybe not..!!

It took all of Monday to unload the container, I could have cried, the mess was over whelming, and f*ck we brought too much stuff home.

Tuesday was unpacking, the removal company have to unpack all boxes and take away the rubbish, but in reality we did the unpacking and they put up the beds, and cleared up. They were gone by lunchtime..

I NEVER want to see another present again, the moving company pack up well, but one glass has cardboard and paper wrapped around it 3 times, so there was a lot of un-wrapping. Both mine and Philipps hands hurt for days afterwards. I think Philippe thought he had arthritis.. Men..!

We finally managed to move into the house on Wednesday, to the relief of my parents, I think they had the flags out, by Thursday they had their house all tidy and were trying to off load more toys on me, as if I didn’t have enough already..! “Hold on my friends give me time to sort out my stuff before you give me more, just store it in one of the empty bedrooms for a while PLEASE”..!!

I managed to fall down the stairs on Friday night (not drunk I promise), I’m not used to wearing socks on carpets and slipped and dislocate my finger, my husband watched this through the glass of the front door and was wetting himself!! I made a  quick trip and I mean QUICK to A&E on Saturday morning just to make sure it wasn’t broken. I went there for a little rest, people watch and read some magazines, but I was in X-rayed and out in within 30 mins, I just about managed to open one page of my magazine.. What has changed with our NHS or was I just lucky.. ?

So slowly the house is coming together, you can actually see the office now, so I can start to working and get Mia Tui off the ground. The girls seem really happy, we have a few wobbly nights where Amelie is over-tired then cries for her friend Milly, but they keep telling me they like it here better than Vietnam.

C x


The Waiting Game

The Waiting Game

All I seem to be doing is waiting. Waiting to get my furniture, Waiting to really start the business, Waiting to move into the house, Waiting for the girls to go back to school.

Life is a bit frustrating at the moment, but I know I will look back and wished I had used this time better, but currently I am one moody, irritable bitch.

I think Mum and Dad can’t wait for the day we all move out, Dad seems pissed off with the girls all the time and I think Mum thinks I am one lazy cow as I am not helping out much in the house. So I think for everyone’s sake it had better be days not
weeks until we are in our house.

As for Mia Tui, what is happening there, I am doing lots in the background trying to get things set-up for when we really do launch the brand. Nic,  Rach & Helen from  are fantastic, and really helping me get the website ready to take lots of orders, the PR is just starting to kick in, we got in to a review of baby magazines on
the sad thing is they did something strange to the pictures, the blue interior became grey, and when you show a grey interior with a silver bag it looks a bit bland..! So we are trying to sort that out. But you do wonder “Why me”

We are just about to launch the Mia Tui Loyalty scheme, people can sign up and get their friends 10% off their Mia Tui orders by using a unique code, this will then track all the people they recommend to buy a Mia Tui product, we will pay them 10% of
all orders placed via their unique promotional code. This will work well for people who have blogs or people with a huge network of friends. Go to and register your interest.

It seems the government is doing a lot to help small and medium business and there is a lot of information on the internet. Business Start Ups are running some exhibitions in London.

I have also found Connect London Business Club who can offer help to companies who can demonstrate that they can grow to a £1,000,000 turn-over within 3-4 years. They make you fill in a Viability Assessment
which really makes you think about your company. I would recommend anyone who is thinking of starting a business to complete this. Go to.. this is another great site from the government.

So how am I feeling after 1 month of being in the UK.? I feel pleased to be home, even when the country went slightly mad last week with the riots. I hope something good can come of this and we fix the problems that caused them. Maybe the Government
should look to bring back the YTS program and get young kids into work and gaining some skills and pride in themselves.

I do feel very sick with worry about how I am going to make Mia Tui work in the short-term and make some money, we have thrown everything we have at this and really need it to work otherwise we can’t eat..! I think people see that you have a business
and that you are doing really well.

I have Van in Vietnam who has invested a lot of money to get the factory and running and she has 45 workers that rely on her to support their families, so she needs to keep work coming in to pay them, I need to stop waiting and get going. Everything is
in place, I need the bags to be delivered and we can launch this baby and bring Mia Tui to the good people of the UK.

What is in your loft..?

Today I tackled the loft, we had stored a lot of our old items that we didn’t take with us when we moved to Hong Kong  7 years ago.

In the time we have been away we haven’t missed any of these items and really couldn’t remember what we had put up there.

Well let me tell you what we had put up there.

2 different sets of French encyclopaedia’s
My husband school books, he will not let me throw them out.. WTF is he going to do with them.
Abs machine
My first marriage photos
All my old medals from when I used to run
10 different  sports holdall’s
Carlsberg Mirror
Chair – this has followed my husband for years now.
20 watches
10 pairs of sunglasses
And much much more..

I was ruthless with my stuff, and took it down to the tip,  but I can’t say that of my husband who doesn’t want to part with his stuff, I ask you who keeps 20 watches and 10 pairs of sunglasses. I keep asking what is he going to do with school books, but his
answer is “It’s not bothering anyone”.

Am I wrong to just throw out old memories?, one thing of mine that was in the car to go to the tip was a ceramic teddy bear my friend Vikki had made me back in 1994, but when I saw it looking up at me from the box I didn’t have the heart to throw it away, so I brought it home and gave it to my children who were delighted..

Are you a hoarder or throw out your old items..?

Summer Sun, Boobs and McDonald’s

Well the sun has finally shone, and there truly is no better place to be than in England in the summertime. (So I put the kiss of death on the sunshine for saying that…! Sorry I wrote this yesterday.)

I am not so sure I like the long summer nights as my kids have no idea of the time of day, and are not going to bed until 10pm. They are so happy here, spending all their time outside playing. Check out the picture a family picture with them climbing a tree.

It will be nice once they get to meet some new friends, I am thankful that they are only a year apart as they have each other to play with or kill each other depending on the time of day.

On the School front, thankfully we have got that all sorted, St Mary’s CE Primary Wavendon has come to my rescue, it looks a great school, small only 99 children from Reception to Year 6. The Head Teacher seems really lovely, so hopefully the girls will be very happy in their new school from September.. but not as happy as their Mother..!!!

I think the biggest thing the girls are in love with at the moment is Mcdonald’s, Mia can’t get over the fact they get given a toy every time they go there. Amelie thinks the food is the best and that Nanny should work there as she can learn how to make
dinner really quick..! They would eat dinner there every-day if they could.

I must admit that the Mcdonald’s we have by us is a not the Mcdonald’s I was used to, there are iPads for the kids to play on, it is modern, clean and the staff seem to have a sense of pride, and the grilled chicken wrap with a salad is not that bad.!!

We are staying with my parents at the moment and my Dad buys about 4 different papers which range from The Telegraph to The Sun and a Racing Post thrown it for good measure. Amelie has discovered The Sun and it’s “Page 3” she can’t get over the
fact that people show their boobs, and has even asked if I am going to do that (oh for the love of god they don’t want to see my boobs..!)

Now every day she is trying to hunt down the paper. We told her that we don’t buy that paper any more, but today she comings running  in squealing “I found the boobie paper”.. what to do..!!

I am catching up with old friends, had a lovely chat with John who has been there for me through-out my life and career, always helping me, even now I know he is getting his head around the bag market ready to give me some fab advise and a guiding hand.

Mia Tui is coming together, I am sending out bags to some “Mummy Bloggers” and we have had some good news from two “baby magazines/websites” that will review the bags and do some Facebook competitions.

I am booked into The Baby Show Exhibitions and The Spirit of Christmas at Blue Water, together with some Trade Shows to hopefully sell to some retailers who would like to stock my bags in their shops.. Please pretty please..!

Hopefully once all the bags are in the UK in a couple of weeks, and people have read how fantastic the bags are in a few magazines we can start to sell some bags..