Singapore and Bags

I have travelled to Singapore without kids, now how easy is that, I got to sleep on the plane, eat my meal, I didn’t get to have wine as it was a 9.30am flight, too early even for my standards.!( my 40th was an exception)

I have come with my friend Lisa to attend the “Fancy Faire”,  Singapore has many of these small retail events each month where entrepreneurial women get the chance to sell their goods.

There are many jewelry makers, small retailers selling clothes, children clothes, books, household items, photographers, swimwear and handbags.

I did the Christmas fair in HK last November and sold 60 bags in 1 day, you can see the difference between HK and Singapore, HK has a frenetic pace where nothing sleeps and you run around at a million miles an hour,   Singapore has a more laid back pace to it.

This has translated into the feel of the Fair, in HK you couldn’t move in the room, people elbowing each other to get to the stands, in Singapore it is a lot slower, there are not many shoppers coming through the door but we have sold the bags to many people. The Mia Tui bags have a story to tell as it’s not an ordinary bag, so that helps attract people to the stand, or maybe it is me with my market street cry “roll up roll up get yourself a bag, only here for 2 days”

There have been some funny moments we sold a bag to a lady who wanted the Mia Tui bag to carry her bag in.. then she needed two carry bags so no-one could see what she has brought..or when I tried to giveaway a baby changing mat, two people refused who had babies.. THEY MUST HAVE TOO MUCH MONEY!!!

I am just about to go and do day two, I hope that a few more people come through the door, not just for me but for all the other exhibitors.

I then get to go to the airport have a look at the shops without telling the girls to “stop touching, leave that alone, come here, do you need the toilet” and on the plane I will have a glass of wine with dinner, sleep and not worry that the girls are kicking the chair in front..!

C xx

About miatui

Mia Tui was born in 2010 after I’d spent years searching for the perfect bag that would suit my busy lifestyle. I’m a mother of two, working, going to the gym, doing the school run, shopping and travelling. I’ve got a busy life but I couldn’t find a bag that could keep up with me. Mia Tui is the busy woman’s best friend – it is stylish yet completely practical. Quite simply it looks great and does its job. View all posts by miatui

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