Happy 40th Birthday to me..! I’m giving away 4 Amelie Bags

I am turning 40.. I know can you bloody believe it..40!!

I created Mia Tui in the final year of my 30’s.. it has always been my dream to have my own business and being in Asia gave me the opportunity to achieve this dream.

I now embark on a new adventure, moving back to England in the summer, there will be highs and lows, that 1st winter is going to be a killer.!

To celebrate this massive milestone I am going to be giving away a 4  Amelie bags – one for each decade of my life.

So what do I want you to do.. get as many people as you can to like my facebook page,  follow me on Twitter and read my blog..!

1) Visit www.MiaTui.comand then come back to tell me what is the most useful feature of a Mia Tui bag & how you would use the bag in the comments box below.

2) Either follow MiaTui on twitter or ‘like’ on Facebook.

3) You will also need to tweet the following message

I have entered @miatuibags to win with the Mia Tui blog  http://wp.me/p1jyRo-1U #MiaTui

There are no additional entries, so please just leave one comment in the box telling me the most useful feature of a  Mia Tui Amelie bag and how you would use it and that you have followed on twitter or liked on Facebook.

Competition closes on the Sunday 29th May at 10pm. I will contact the winners the next day, they then need to reply with their colour choice by the following Saturday at 8pm or I will redraw another winner. Open to UK entrants only.


About miatui

Mia Tui was born in 2010 after I’d spent years searching for the perfect bag that would suit my busy lifestyle. I’m a mother of two, working, going to the gym, doing the school run, shopping and travelling. I’ve got a busy life but I couldn’t find a bag that could keep up with me. Mia Tui is the busy woman’s best friend – it is stylish yet completely practical. Quite simply it looks great and does its job. View all posts by miatui

142 responses to “Happy 40th Birthday to me..! I’m giving away 4 Amelie Bags

  • Sarah Gainsborough

    I would love a Mia Tui bag. So useful in many ways- for me with a young baby all that storage is priceless as is a separate iPhone storage! I’ve followed on twitter and will re-tweet now! Thanks. Sarah x

  • Nickie C

    I commute over an hour each way so I have so many things I carry, right now in multiple bags as my handbag turns into a garbage bag if I’m not careful – but with a Mia Tui bag I could just carry one thing and have it all in its place. 🙂

    I follow Mia Tui on Facebook (Nickie Chapman) and just tweeted too – @nickiem

  • Bec Metcalf

    WoW great comp. I’d love to win one of these I have two little ones so would be invaluable! Off to follow on twitter and fb now and RETWEET and SHARE!

  • Mom-on-a-Wire (Alethea)

    I have just ‘liked’ you on Facebook as Alethea Hill
    I already follow you on Twitter as @momopnawire01 and have tweeted the giveaway.

    Although I love everything about the bag, the key holder would be my best friend. When I get to the front door with an exhausted grumpy toddler, a scooter in one hand, half a juice, banana, balloon etc in the other the last thing I need is to have to hunt down my keys.

    Great bags and fabulous competition!

  • Amy McCollam

    Awesome competition. FACT!!

    I’d love to win one of these as having small people seems to have turned going out into a small military operation and I could go from having more bags than I can carry to just one. Plus the zebra print bag is all kinds of amazing!

    Am now following on twitter and about to go likey on fb.

  • jennie

    What a great bag! This would be the perfect bag for me as a Mummy with twins. On 10th September this year I am getting married and so could have a beautiful silver change bag with me for the day. Would properly set off my bridal ensemble! I love the idea that there are waterproof compartments to contain leaks and soggy clothes. I love that there is a separate clutch section as sometimes even the most beautiful ;arge bag is too large, it would also keep the necessaries in one easy to grab place. A great practical but stylish bag for a mummy in need of something special to brighten her big day!
    Am now following on Twitter as ESTWILL and will like on FB as Jennie Nairn x

  • Erica

    Probably the keyholder as always fishing around for them, but phone pocket really useful too. I follow you on twitter & I’ve tweeted.

  • Ellie

    I am useless with bags and can never find anything in them…especially my keys. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have started panicking because I thought I had lost my keys, so the keyholder would be the best bit for me 😉

    I follow you on twitter and facebook and have retweeted 🙂


  • Simply Hayley

    With my first son I got through a million bags trying to find the perfect one but I think this looks pretty on the mark! Enough pockets for evreything and stylish too! Mums can still look fashionable after all! For me the most useful feature would be the key hook, baby brain has me forgetting my keys all the time at the moment! Doh!
    Have liked on FB and twitter (@simply_hayley)
    Happy Birthday too!

  • Samantha Fenn

    Now my little boy has started weaning i’m finding I need not 1 but 2 sets of spare clothes…dinner… pudding…extra dinner and pudding incase he doesnt like the 1st one, Spoon, bowl, extra bibs… so much more stuff to carry and not enough space! Your bags look like they could solve my problem… particularly the 2 clear bags. I would put Masons spoons and bowl in one to ensure they stay clean and bug free whilst keeping the other one empty ready for the food covered bibs and tops. My current bag is covered in bits of food because I forget to put a bag in for the dirty clothes =( and it’s not easily washable like yours.

    Also tweeted @Manfalou and liked on Facebook =)


    all those pockets inside are a fab feature, the amount of times my heart has stopped when I can’t find my phone,keys or purse at the bottom of my bag!
    Already following on Twitter & Liked on FB
    and have tweeted
    oh & Happy 40th!

  • Ali

    This bag would help me well where to begin…..

    Those scrummy pockets would help me remember to post the letters, quite often bills which I stuff in my bag and find a week or so later quite often costing me a late payment charge :)despite being rather diorganised I like to stay hydrated especially as fast approaching forty and trying to cheat everyone I will be only thirty ! so that water bottle pocket will be just great for me to !

    Today I emptied the contents of my bag on my doorstep whilst both my dogs howled through the window whilst I found my key, so the keyfob clip will prevent this from happening again !

    Those other scrumptious pockets I would use to pop my phone in to keep in touch with the big wide world, perhaps a packet of tissues (the hayfever season or if I catch myself walking past a shop window and look forty!)a lipstick and I think there be space for one of my bags for life when I pop to do a bit of shopping not forgetting my purse, I often do and I think you could say this bag was made for me 🙂 !!!

    I am now following you on twitter and about to post my message saying I entered your fab competion.

    P.s you don’t look forty 🙂

  • Elaine Livingstone

    would have to be the insulated bottle holder, would keep my drink cold whilst Im out cycling, and hold everything else I take with me
    like on FB (Elaine Livingstone)and tweeted for you as well @pooohbear2811

  • Jenny

    Lovely bags – perfect for carrying around all those toddler essentials.

    I also love the key holder. I can never find my keys when I have a fractious toddler who as soon as he sees the front door just wants to go and play with his toys!

    Follow on twitter and tweeted too @gingerbread_mum

  • Hayley Fountain

    I love the travel bag because of the waterproof pockets. Great for the beach. I have liked on fb x

  • Inside the Wendy House

    The hands free strap is a perfect feature when trying to hold on to a toddler! The size would be totally ideal for doing big days out, for carrying all the paraphenalia I need!! I’ve tweeted and follow you on Twitter @wendymcd83

  • Lisa Troccoli

    I think this bag would be great just for days out and holidays with the children as I am always carrying their water beakers and they often leak all over things that need to stay dry! also if you have snacks and wipes etc you need a handy bag full of lots of pockets etc!

  • Sonia

    I absolutely love your bags! For me the most useful feature would be all the individual pockets inside! I am always losing things in mine so to have individual pockets to put things in would be just FAB!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!


  • daisy s

    love the waterbottle feature I forget about me and do not drink enough water this would ensure that I have a supply of water with me.
    Love the acessories perfect for impromtu picnics .
    tweeted as @chillijamx

  • Emma Button

    I’ve used lots of different changing bags with my LO so I really know what I’m looking for in a day bag now – big pockets (and lots of them) are high on my list. My current most important must-have in a bag is one that Mia tui bags have – somewhere secure for a bottle, cup or beaker to be placed where it won’t leak everywhere.

    I follow on twitter as @jumblyMummy and on Facebook too. Am going to feature you in my Prizes for Parents roundup this week.

  • Chloe (miss_hoppy)

    Well with Oscar just been born (May 2nd), it would certianly be helpful to use as storage on trips out.. as well as carrying the other kiddies bits and pieces! the pockets are simply a great idea!!!

    liked on fb (via Chloe Hogben) and followed / tweeted (via @Miss_Hoppy)
    🙂 x

  • Jodie Smith

    I just love all the pockets! My nappy changing bag is a constant mess, no matter how often I reorganise it. With one of ur bags I might just have an organised one! Plus it looks just like a stylish handbag instead of an obvious baby bag. I would really love one of these.
    I’m following on Twitter as @meetjosmith and have liked and shared on fb as Jo Mse Smith

  • catherine (mummylion)

    liked and followed 🙂

    I am getting to grips with being supermum, or at least trying to, but no matter how organised i think my bag is, i always seem to have to tip it out to find what i need. this of course reduces valuable play time and also potentially exposes my son to some wholly unsuitable language as i scuttle through the contents of (now) ‘our’ bag to find the toy/nappy/wipes/change of top that i will probably end up finding that ive left at home anyway.

    if i had one of these bags i’d be able to scan it coolly before departure, taking in at a glance what is and is not contained within, and set about my day with a spring in my step, knowing that there will be no ruffled moments ahead of me.

    the clutch is a brilliant feature, so that if i have to leave my bundle of joy with his granny for example, i can take my small but essential possessions with me and leave the bulk of the luggage at the place that it is needed.

  • Vicky

    I would LOVE to win one of these bags!

    My friend Jo http://slummysinglemummy.wordpress.com/ turned me so green with envy when she brought her Mia Tui bag round the other day I almost mugged her for it.

    I would find this gorgeous bag so useful. As well as being a full-time mature student in the middle of a social work degree – and having to commute a 150 mile round trip to Uni and carry around A LOT of stuff, I am a single Mum to my gorgeous 9 year old son who has a bad habit of filling my current bag with all sorts of interesting (read disgusting) things, leaving me precious little room for all my paperwork, laptop and other studenty things!

    The most useful thing about it would be all the internal pockets and sheer space for me to neatly organise all my essentials. It really is just the most lovely bag I have laid my eyes on – I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I am one of your winners – being a poor student, it is the only hope I have of being the proud owner of one!

    I am following you on twitter as @Vixash and retweeted your message.

    Happy 40th Birthday – enjoy!

  • nicci cowdell-murray

    i love the fact its made from water proof material inside! genius!! i have 2 kids already and in the process of making baby number 3 lol this bag would come in VERY handy indeed
    i am following on twitter @twinklenicci and have tweeted the giveaway and following on facebook twinklenicci cowdell-murray ………PS HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY X

  • Kirsten Murphy

    Your bags are awesome. I love all the separate pockets but the best feature has to be that it’s waterproof inside and out! I’m such a klutz and always spilling things or dropping my bag in puddles, I’d use this bag everyday just because it’s easy cleaned AND would keep me organized!

  • sharon mitchell

    I would love a Mia Tui bag. So useful in lots of ways for me with a young baby it has all that storage and a seperate phone pocket, i love the fact it is waterproof so no more spoilt bags when carrying my daughters drinks!
    following on twitter @mitchygems and facebook sharon mitchell Bsc

  • Nickie

    Those separate little compartments are a great idea – I’m a sucker for organisation, but only because I’m so dippy in the first place.

    Have followed, liked & tweeted. Oh and happy birthday to you too!

  • beesmithsaigon

    Seems like there are lots of people who love your bag but I’m sure that *I* am your biggest fan!!

    I love 2 things the most – that key holder that I didn’t use when I first got the bag but now couldn’t live without and the fact that my husband will also carry it! I’ve got your brown version and over the Easter holidays my husband made friends with it too uttering the immortal words “I love this bag – I know where everything is!”. We don’t have compartments in our bag we have: Mum’s stuff / Medicine cabinet / nappy changing area and then… the rest of it!

    Have liked on FB and followed on Twitter. Happy Birthday!

  • Lorraine

    For me, the fact the inserts are removable (and I can buy extras) means the bag can go from work to baby to leisure without moving all the essentials (phone, money, etc), as I can just move the work items out & put the baby ones in with the pvc inserts.

    (followed & tweeted @meedja) Happy birthday!

  • Ruth Tesdale

    I love the adaptability of these bags. As a grandmother I often have grandchildren with me and need to adapt to their varying requirements often at short notice. At the moment I end up carrying two bag. My handbag and a bag for them. These bags would allow me to adapt my own bag to accommodate their things making life much easier.

  • Tracy Nixon

    I always carry a large bag now – gone are the days when I carried petite little handbags over my arm!!! I love bags with compartments as I tend to be quite organised and have a certain pocket or sleeve for certain items – like my keys and phone are always in the same place – somewhere I can get to them quickly! I also have a place for my pen, lippy/lip balm and mini mirror, comb etc. I carry tissues and mini wipes as I have four very young children!

    The great thing about the Mia Tui Bag – is that I could dedicate each of the compartments for each of my personal belongs so that I know if there was ever a total blackout (lol) I would still be able to find what I am looking for inside!!!

    I have tweeted and shared @TracyNixon and subscribed to your newsletters and updates xxx

  • Jacqueline Burton

    I love how your bags are stylish yet practical at the same time. They have so many pockets I would never lose anything in there again!

    I’ve followed and tweeted @thespotmeister

  • Sarah Laycock

    The multiple pockets feature would be invaluable to me as I travel a lot and have so many accessories/pieces of documentation lying around – ultra versatile and extremely convenient. Following you on Twitter and have tweeted @scrumpy11

  • liz denial

    I’m a fan on facebook. I love the fact that your bags are waterproof inside & out, great for around the pool or on the beach, also great if you always carry a bottle of water around like me cos accidents do happen. Enjoy your 40s Mia because life does begin at 40, I absolutely loved my 40th birthday & still always celebrate my birthday every year despite now being 51 which although a seemingly insignificant age was my best ever as I had won an all expenses 5 star luxury holiady to Kenya where I was lucky enough to meet all the red nose day celebrities after their trek through the desert & got a birthday kiss from Olly Murs & Dermot O’Leary both at the same time. What a lucky girl am I?!

  • Adele Hill

    I have just ‘liked’ you on Facebook as Adele Hill
    I already follow you on Twitter as @compaddicted and have tweeted the giveaway.
    I love the adaptability of these bags. I love the many pocket and the organisation it gives me as a busy mum of 3 who works. I love the key holder as it means no more standing at the front door emptying my bag trying to search for the keys to the house.

  • Olivia Demosthenous

    I love the look of these bags. They look so great, stylish, but not only that they are so practical. You could carry them anywhere, and feel confident knowing that your stuff in it is all well and safe!

    Have liked on facebook.

  • Amelia Royle

    I love both the fact that they have multiple pockets and are waterproof inside and out.

    I would use it all the time, as I like to use just one bag for all events/occasions … this bag would be ideal!

  • Janet Palmer

    I love love love these bags.
    I would use this bag to try and reorganise myself, before the birth of my beautiful bundle I had very glam bags that are now no good to me!!
    These bags meet every check box, large, stylish, pockets for all the items I simply must carry with me (regardless as to whether I need them or not!)I can finally be a mummy with very good taste thats also practical 😀

    liked on facebooked and shared x

  • Karen S

    I like the idea of the internal accessory bags so I can swap over using the bag from day work to going for a night out with different makeup and items etc in it. I also thing being waterproof is great so nothing inside gets ruined.

    I liked on Facebook as karen Scammell and I don’t have twitter but I shared on facebook

  • LondonBirdLucy

    Wow! I first saw your bag on twitter a few weeks back, I have to admit I like it very much.
    Firstly, the range of colours, very eye catching, trendy for any stylish mum on the go (even daddy, could hold it and look cool)
    1) The water-proof fabric inside and out, so handy to keep the bag clean from spills and spoils.
    2) it is very spacious, handy for going away, the park, or general shopping
    3) Great large handles, could be used for over the shoulder or handle bar of the baggy, used like this easy access to the compartments.
    4) I love the FACT the unique interior allows you to change the use of your bag in an instant; you can go from travel to a beach bag by just changing the use of your insert clutch bag.

  • antonia j richardson

    happy birthday fellow 40 year old I really need a bag like this when i have my 1 year old grandson its like mobilizing an army taking a baby anywhere so the multiple pockets etc would be a god send

  • Candise Moore

    For me the most useful feature of the bag is the sheer amount of ‘stuff’ that will fit in. With an 18 month old and another baby due in August I will be needing a large change/snack/activity store – small babies are messy and larger ones not much better! The smaller changing mat bag would be ideal when taking 2 to be changed, particularly when some baby changing rooms are so tight on space at the best of times.
    A Mia Tui bag would be an amazing statement accessory and a great help.

  • ashleigh

    i love the Water bottle holder – really handy as i always try and have a bottle of water in my bag but sometimes it leaks which is a nightmare!

    i already follow on twitter and have tweeted too @ashlallan

  • Littleboo_21

    I how the pockets go around the edge, great for grabbing what you need instead of rummaging.

    I have liked Facebook page and follow on Twitter

    Also tweeted


  • Emma Smith

    For me the most useful part would be the insulated bottle holder. I am forever having leaks in my bag (and over everything else) where bottles get thrown around constantly – this would save a lot of things getting ruined.

    I follow on FB & Twitter and have shared on both

    Happy Birthday.

  • Alexander Jones

    Great comp. I really like the fact they give you bags for inside the bag, to make it easier to organise. T

    I am following you on twitter and tweeted the message

  • Vanessa Cox

    I liked on Facebook and am following on Twitter @CoxeeFoxy. I have tweeted the giveaway message 🙂

    I like the different waterproof insert bags as I always have tons of small items hanging around at the bottom of my bag so it will be great to not only to secure them all but also to separate and organise them properly.

  • Marcia

    I’ve liked you on facebook.
    I’d love one of your bags. The fact that they’re waterproof means I could use it all year round for work, for my little one’s things and for holidays, without having to worry about the contents getting wet. I’d also be able to use the clear inside bags fto hold all my/our bits and piecesto keep them safe but still be able to see whree I;ve put them without spending ages rummaging or having to empty my bag in public!

  • @Tweetnise

    You must be flat out selling these bags, they’re great! No matter how large or small my bag is, I can never find anything. I constantly chase things around and end up pulling out a lip gloss instead of a pen. The Amelie bags look fantastic as well as practical, they have a place for everything.

    I am following and have tweeted.

    All the best on your birthday 🙂

  • Heather Shaw

    i LOVE the amelie silver weave bag. The Insulated water-bottle holder would be great on the beach! Keeping water cold is always a pain the the summer!

    I both follow on twitter and liked on FB and i RTed the message above


  • Heather gutowski

    I think this bag would be so useful for me. All those pockets, surely I couldn’t loose my phone or my keys.

    Following on twitter, liked on facebook, and retweeted the messge.

  • Louise Millward

    Having a Mia Tui bag would be a welcomed addition to my life! Having a toddler I tend to just chuck everything in my small shoulder bag. I love the fact it’s water-proof inside and out would, it will save the lining of the bag being ruined by leaking cups of juice! I love the designs and how the bag looks like a big handbag making it more a style icon and easy to match with outfits. Followed on Twitter (_mummytojack), also on Facebook (Louise Millward) and retweeted message 🙂
    Good luck everyone!

  • Cheryll H

    The size is the most useful – with a 4 year old, an almost two year old and another due in July – size is key to making sure I can put my hands on anything I need at the drop of a hat/ice cream/nappy!

  • Karen Larne

    Wow! this bag looks fabulous for so many reasons: stylish as well as practical isn’t always easy to achieve, but it looks like you’ve done it here, well done!
    My favourite feature is the integral water bottle holder. i lose count of the amount of times I’ve drenched my belongings with either mine or my baby girl’s drinks!!

  • Zoe

    For me the most useful feature would be the internal pockets to keep everything organised. I would use the bag as a nappy bag.
    I already follow you on twitter @mummykins82 and have retweeted the link.

  • Danielle Welsh

    These bags are absolutely gorgeous but also so practical ! Love how it holds your keys and phone in seperate comparments !
    Have liked you on facebook and also followed and tweeted giveaway on twitter @cheekyd19

  • kelly smith

    i find the fact that they are water-proof inside and out a bonus especially when i am handy at somehow spilling my bottles of water in my bag 🙂 i would use this type of bag for any time, day or night, they are gorgeous and practical

    i have followed and tweeted @kellyroxanne82

  • lynn ward

    i love the multiple pockets, i never have enough for all my little items i carry! i would use the bag to keep everything organised

    tweeted and followed @ellmo1964

  • Tasha Goddard

    The whole bag is fantastic, but I especially love the multiple pockets. In fact, I was just thinking yesterday, when I was transferring my make-up from my big hold-all type bag, to smaller evening one, that it would be really useful to have a bag with lots of little bags that you could take out as required. And, lo and behold, you’ve made one.

    I have tweeted, followed, shared on FB and liked. And am a bit peeved that there are so many other people entering the competition, because I really, really need one of these. I might just have to splash out on one anyway, even if I don’t win.

  • Rebecca

    Oh, these bags are just gorgeous!

    Love that they have the mini bags and have waterproof linings 🙂

    Have tweeted and liked on facebook


  • Amanda

    Hi. It’s got to be the different pockets, I can never find anything in my changing bag!!
    Good luck on this new adventure that you are taking, I too am turning 40 this year and with a baby too this really is a fab competition! Good luck
    I follow on twitter and have tweeted about the competition. Thank you x

  • gillian moloney

    My favourite feature of the bag is the ‘Key Holder’, I hate standing at my front door with loads of shopping and a toddler rooting at the bottom of my back to look for my keys.
    I would use this bag as an everyday changing back and there would be no need to bring a handbag as this bag is made for mummy’s bits aswel 🙂

    I follow you on Twitter @mum2alesha and I also like your Facebook page 🙂

    I have also tweeted @mum2alesha


  • Anna

    This bag looks brilliant. Loads of pockets to make keys, nappy bags, dummies etc easy to find plus plenty of room for everything else too. And so much more stylish than most other changing bags – very important!
    I already follow you on Twitter and am about to Tweet about this comp.
    Good luck with your move back to the UK!

  • Dorothee Archambault

    Great bag, would use it as for travel, work or for kids (esp that it is waterproof inside, ideal when carrying bottles)! I love large bags.
    I already follow you Twitter @Dorothee77 and I have just tweeted the comp.

  • Anna Mizerska

    I would love to win this gorgeous bag, I think the phone pocket is a very useful. I usually remember about my phone, when it is ringing and it is very difficult to find it, especially in the big bag. I follow on Twitter and like on FB, have tweeted about comp @anna8301

  • Catherine

    I love how the bag looks like a beautiful handbag but has an amazing waterproof inside so it does the job of a changing bag brilliantly – especially with all those useful pockets!

    Follow on Twitter @catdoran

  • Kim

    Feature they are waterproof inside and out ideal great for holidays or those that have young babies /children separate compartments ideal

  • Robyn Clarke

    Like on facebook.

    I love the amelie zebra. I’d use it as a travel bag at first. Then i’d use it to carry all my craft bits and pieces around with me. So I can sneak in a few minutes of crochet wherever I go.

  • Rach

    Sorry I didn’t read the instructions well enough! Ignore previous post.

    I love all the pockets, I like a largish bag but there’s never enough pockets and everything just ends up in one messy heap at the bottom. I’ve looked for bags with lots of pockets and never managed to find one. A Mia Tui bag looks just the job!

    I am following you on twitter and have tweeted @captainsunflow

  • Tony Anthony Micheal

    I would love a Mia Tui bag. So useful in many ways- for me with a young baby all that storage is priceless as is a separate iPhone storage! I’ve followed on twitter and will re-tweet now! Thanks @handbag2000

  • @somethingblue_2


    I think the most useful feature for me would be the key holder as I am ALWAYS losing my keys!

    I’m already following you on Twitter & have tweeted the magic words 🙂

    Happy 40th! xx

  • Samantha

    I love that its waterproof inside and out as knowing the weather in this country it would be a definate advantage.

  • Clare Finning

    I love these bags – I would use one when out and about. I love the water bottle holder. I am always fishing around in the bottom of my bag to find it.
    I already follow you on twitter and have tweeted (@cf225)
    Already like you on Facebook too

  • Jo Y

    I love the fact the bag is waterproof, I get so fed up of my bag contents getting soggy!

    I follow on Twitter and have Tweeted @BoostieBoo

  • Kerrie Vella

    oooo i love the fact that it is wateproof, i would use it as a xhanging bad for mylittle girl, her juice sometimes leakes but being waterproof is great! i have tweeted about the comp n twitter and i am following you too @kemo_2002

  • jenny Price

    I like the idea of being able to see through the clear plastic inners – and you can carry a ton of stuff, but yet it is organised
    Tweeted as @jennyp19, and share, like all the usual as jennyp19

  • Heather Gutowski

    What a wonderful design of a bag. what more could I want in one bag. waterproof, lots of storage, and all those useful pockets.

  • Frances Heaton

    It’s great that Mia Tui bags are roomy and stylish, their waterproof interior is a definite plus! But the most useful feature for me is the key holder. No more hurriedly searching at the bottom of my bag for this elusive little item.

    Liked at Facebook, followed and tweeted.

  • Joanne Blunt

    So difficult to say what is the most useful feature as they’re all so good. I love the fact that it’s waterproof, but probably the most useful thing for me is having insert bags. Being a mum to 3 young boys whilst trying to have a bit of a social life too it would be ideal to be able to quickly insert/remove the bits that are/aren’t needed for that day. I’m fed up of changing bags all the time so I would just love to have a ‘one bag fits all’ solution.

    I have liked on Facebook and am following on Twitter. I have also tweeted @joanneblunt

  • Jayne

    The most useful thing about the Mia Tui bag for me would be that as the family DONKEY, I get the unenviable privilege of carrying everything around in my handbag every time we leave the house, and your bags look like they would be big and sturdy enough to carry all of our crap in. Plus they’re beautiful to look at, so I could finally consign my *bought-it-in-Primark-looks-like-shite-but-I-use-it-becuase-it’s-big-enough* SACK that I currently haul around to the archives (for archives, read BIN)!

    Following on FB and Twitter and have tweeted comp.


  • Stephanie Price

    I think for me the most useful thing would be the water bottle holder, my water bottles always fall over & then are more likely to leak!

  • Alli Marshall

    Wow a bag that covers all bases & has enough space & more importantly compartments to store all the paraphernalia you require when you are a Mum of 4!
    I’d find the phone pocket & key holder most useful as it would save me some of my precious time, I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time emptying bags to find these items.
    I have followed you on twitter.

  • Cheryl Seddon

    I have liked on FB.
    I have no children (yet) but when I go on holiday with my OH I get the job of packing the beach bag each day. When I was single and doing girls holidays I had a small ish bag; 1 book, 1 suntan, 1 pair of sunglasses etc etc. But now this has gone to two of everything, despite the cry before we go on holiday of ‘I don’t need a beach bag, I don’t take anything to the beach’!! Hmm, why has my bag now doubled in size (and weight) and I now suddenly find in it an ipod, a watch, sunblock for his nose??
    So, I need one of your bags to fit in my ever growing beach kit!! Thanks:-))

  • Deborah Wheeler

    What a great bag – for me the best thing would be the waterproof fabric – great for taking to the swimming pool – can carry everything in one bag and not worry about damp towels and swimsuits
    Have followed you on twitter and retweeted as @debwh142

  • Sarah

    I would us it as a changing bag/ hold all would be especially useful on holiday as it’s waterproof, so wouldn’t have to be too careful on the beach

  • Amy Stafford

    I love these bags. I think the best feature is that the bags are waterproof as well as being stylish! My bags are forever getting things spilt in / on or getting caught in the rain – with a Mia Tui bag, none of that would matter!

    Liked on FB and followed on Twitter 🙂

  • forestflower23

    Ooops I think have just commented on the wrong post… which just goes to show how much I need an Amelie bag in my life!! Love all the extra pockets and the key holder would be fab as I am always losing my keys.

    Am following on Twitter and have tweeted 🙂
    fingers x’d

  • TheBoyandMe

    The organisation of the interior of a MiaTui bag is faultless! Love the size, all the pockets and the key clips. My favourite has to be the drinks pocket.

    Already liking and following and have tweeted.

  • Lisa Williamson

    I would use the bag for my up-coming honeymoon at Disneyworld. All the different pockets would be useful for all I need to carry around during the day.

    Following on FB and Twitter and tweeted – @LilLeese1

  • FionaLynne Edwards

    I love the fact that not only are they waterproof but that you can also carry a water bottle in a fitted pocket! I always carry water nowadays – for me and the kids – and this is so useful. So much better than coming home with another soaked through, ruined handbag!

    I already like you on Facebook (Fee Edwards MSE) and on Twitter (@feefeegabor) and have tweeted x

  • Harpal Kaur

    With baby number 3 on the way and having 3 kids under 4, this would be a fantastic solution to storing and caring the endless list of things I will need from nappies to books.

  • Kelly Koya

    I love the fact that it is waterproof, would be so handy for when I’m out on my bike and get caught in downpours!

  • joanne

    what great bags, the keyholder would be fab for me as i am always rummaging around for my keys which get lost in all the clutter i seem to carry around!

  • Kayleigh Fenton

    The most useful feature of a Mia Tui Amelie bag is the built in organizer, it means that you don’t have to take out everything from your bag to find your house keys or phone (this always happens to me and isn’t convenient when it’s pouring down with rain, I’d like to open my front door quickly!). 🙂

    I have liked on Facebook (Kayleigh Fenton Mse) & I am following on Twitter (Kayleigh Mse) & have tweeted. 🙂

  • Jo

    I like that the bags are waterproof. Useful in case of a leak. They have lots of pockets too, perfect for when I have my baby and need to carry lots of things around

    Have liked on Facebook and followed/tweeted @Jos_Nursery 🙂

  • Katie

    I’ve just followed you on twitter (@kay_tofu) and retweeted your message!

    I work full time and study law in my spare time so am constantly lugging around a hangbag, law books, my gym stuff, lunch etc and so the compartments and see-through zip-up parts would really help me. And a place to keep my water – hallelujah!

    The fact there’s a matching clutch would be a life saver too. Quite often I have to dash out of the office at a moment’s notice to meet clients and don’t really want to take my “normal” handbag because people don’t get the “yes, I have to carry all this around with me all the time” thing!

    Sometimes my colleagues joke about the fact I carry a hangbag, backpack AND carrier bag for all my stuff – I can’t help it! I NEEEEED this stuff!! If I have the gym, work and need to study and eat as well, what can I do? =)

  • Florence

    The keyholder is a great feature of this bag. No more losing my keys somewhere in my tardis of a bag.

  • Marzena

    the most useful feature of a Mia Tui bag – I think , 3 main pockets, because I love to keep my bag tidy and organized

  • Diane

    The best thing is the clear internal pockets. I tend to stuff things in internal pockets for safe keeping and forget they are there, and I know i’m not alone.

    I’m @MuckyKisses on twitter.

  • Sue Hunt

    I love the fact that the bags are water-proof inside and out. Also, I hate rummaging around in the bottom of bags for things and with this one I wouldn’t have to, everything would have its own place!

    Already following on Twitter as @Barnabysue

  • Kirsty Caffrey

    Have liked on facebook and following / tweeted on twitter (@KJaybaby1).

    The bags are amazing and so many versatile and useful features. I particularly love the size and the many pockets but my favourite feature is the co-ordinating clutch – I can keep money, phone and keys there in the knowledge they won’t get lost and its perfect for grabbing to pop to the shop during my work lunch hour etc. Love them xx

  • srobbo71@aol.com

    I lose my keys all the time and am forever scrambling in the bottom of my bag to find them at the front door so the keyholder would be the most useful feature for me. I would use this bag as I do all of my bags as an “everything” bag, but this would be much more effective with it’s many pockets, shoulder strap and matching clutch bag. My bag holds changing kit for babs, snacks for through the day for the kids, hubby’s wallet and my purse, nintendo ds…..and on lol.

    I have tweeted the message and am following @srobbo71 also liked on fb – sue robinson mse.

    It’s also my 40th soon – 8th June to be precise aaarrrgh! How did that come around so fast??? Happy Birthday xx

  • Cathryn Smethurst

    The main feature that I like about these beautiful bags is the waterproofing inside and out. I carry many things in my bag and have occasionally had a spill inside the bag, which has ruined the inside. What a great idea!!!

  • Dee

    I love the interior organiser pockets, fabulous idea, I hate having to rummage for things in the bottom of a bag. I’d use it as a stylish everyday bag, used and appreciated on a regular basis!

  • Alice Hindley

    I have liked on Twitter and have tweeted your message @aesop57

    I am following on Facebook

    The most useful feature of the bag is the Matching Clutchbag, with hand strap

    I would use the bag for “baby things”

  • Kelly Hooper

    The best feature for me is all the storage space! with a 9 yr old and a 3 yr old I always seem to end up carrying everyones stuff in my arms! Though the ey holder comes a close second as im forever rummaging in the rain for keys ive bunged in my bag and cant find 😦
    already a follower on twitter and have retweeted @lilysmum2008

  • Dej Pygott

    The changeable interior of the Amelie bag using insert bags has to be the most useful feature. There are so many times when I travel and use important packing space with a variety of bags for different uses. But how amazing would it be if my weekend bag could be my beach bag and then change to my day bag? Having a bag that I can change to suit my needs as they arise is a dream come true. Well done for being that dreammaker! I’d use mine as a weekend bag on a trip to London for Hard Rock Calling Festival and as a day bag when I actually visit the festival!

    I have followed on twitter and tweeted @dejanestpas. I also like on Facebook just for fun!

  • Raj Sandhu

    Amazing bag, so multifunctional. Great idea! I think I’d use it all the time espicially when out and about on day trips, so many uses!
    Following on fb & twitter @RAJmse

  • Rebecca denyer

    The keyholder would be perfect for me as my boyfriend gets so impatient waiting for me to root about in my bag looking for keys
    Following on twitter and liked on Facebook

  • Jocelyn Clark

    The size is fantastic with some lovely finishes. I would use one as a weekend bag

  • Solange

    I love the adaptability of these bags. At the moment I end up carrying two bags. These bags would allow me to adapt my own bag to accommodate things making life much easier.

  • Sally W

    It’s phenomenal!! This is just the perfect bag for tootling around with my toddlers and their acoutrements. It’s waterproof (always a plus as you can end up caught out in all weathers) and has a gazillion compartments to organize yourself, so no more tipping the bag out looking for something and dying of embarassment when the stray tampon lands on the counter along with old receipts and fluff. Absolutely brilliant.

    Was already following you on twitter and have tweeted your giveaway. @mselts

  • Stuart Osborne

    Just perfect for my wife (well, us really) as is capable of being sorted inside – a place for everything and space for the odd bits of shopping that I am forever asking her to ‘just put it in your bag’.

    follow you on Twitter and have tweeted @ossiesheep

  • Libby Alexander

    I’ve liked on Facebook…sorry I don’t have Twitter.

    The most useful thing about these bags are the different pockets inside. I love that you can change your bag for different needs that may arise. From bundling baby’s needs in, to having it a little more chic for yourself…this bag can do so many things. It’s the “Knight Rider” car of bags.
    Usually a bag only looks good from the outside but these have inner beauty too. It’s a case of beauty is not only skin deep here.
    Also, I love that they are waterproof. I usually, like many mums, have to use my bag as a stock cupboard. I’d love to use this bag on days out. I have to take so much stuff with me and some sun lotion leaks, sweets fall out and get sticky, baby wipes can stain the interior etc. This can all be avoided with this bag, as it would just wipe clean.
    I love it and would use it all Summer…from the beach, to Summer Fetes and, of course….shopping.

  • Laura

    1. The waterproof lining makes them great for bringing your towels and sweaty kit back from the gym!
    2. Following @Morrighani
    3. Tweeted!

  • Lou Chambers

    The main feature that I like is such a simple one but is soooo helpful, it’s the key clip! I spend far to much time rummaging around the bottom of my bag looking for my keys. This would be so helpful 😀
    Tweeting @wombleloulou

  • Amanda

    The interior of these bags would ensure that my bag stops resembling the Tardis! I am forever rummaging around to find my phone and other things.

  • Nicole S.

    I just adore that they are waterproof inside and out, amazing! I would use them as a handbag/shopper plus would be an amazing bag on trips! I am following on Facebook and twitter and have tweeted @nikkiopia

  • Julie Davies

    I love the fact that your bags are waterproof, really handy and great to use for taking all the wet costumes home from the beach or swimming pool.
    Follow you on facebook and on twitter @juliedee4663 and have tweeted your message.

  • Andrena Harrison

    The most useful feature for me would be that the bags waterproof!! Forever spilling my sons juive in my bag!!

    Liked and following on Facebook and Twitter @heavenlyharry

  • Fiona Maclean

    classy but capacious! perfect combination for a busy londoner! I’d love an Amelie;)

    following your fb page and twitter @fionamaclean

  • Anne Upton

    I love the idea of all the different pockets meaning never having to delve to the bottom of the bag trying to find something. A real organisers bag. I liked on Facebook as Anne Upton

  • claire willmer

    Wow they are so gorgeous stylish and practical which is always a must with little ones. I would be able to use it for absolutely everything the monthly travel of 4and half hours to inlaws, taking little one swimming weekly daily outings with snacks changing mat snacks toys etc oh my goodness i would never have one of those stressful moments when you just wish you had something like a plaster or a change of clothes for baby etc i love it : )so practical being water proof as we always get caught out in the rain as i have to walk everywhere.

    fingers and toes crossed x

  • Donna Burwell

    Having today got a wet side from my kids’ water bottles leaking in my bag (feels likethe millionth time!), waterproof but still stylish gets my vote! Practically kidproof.
    Following on twitter @middlemonkeydee
    Also liked on facebook.

  • carol phile

    Happy birthday! Have liked etc and RT’d. Waterproof eh? What a great feature. Have had stuff ruined in a downpour many a time while waiting for buses so I would definitely use this as a travelling to work bag. Genius!

  • Carolina J.

    Water bottle holder and key holder are among my favourite features.
    I “like” MiaTui on Facebook.

    Tweeted! (@pandcands).

  • Angie

    multiple pockets, you can never have too many!

  • Kellie

    I love the insulated water bottle holder – I lived overseas for a while and have never gotten out of the habit of carrying a cold bottle of water ewverywhere with me. I would use the bag on my next holiday in August as it is the perfect carry on and day bag size.

    I’ve followed you on facebook as well ♥

  • susan surgeoner

    Like everyone else here, I would love to win a Mia Tua bag, mainly because they incorporate both style and functionality. Waterproof, gorgeous, lots of compartments and my particular fave – the keyring! Who wouldn’t love one?

  • Rebecca Derby

    A stylish way to carry round my daughter’s nappies, clothes etc, and the insulated bottle holder would be great so I can get her bottle ready before I leave the house and not have to worry about finding somewhere to warm it up again!

  • Laura St

    I absolutely love the multiple pockets plus the fact that the bag is waterproof. I’m so unbelievably clumsy and am forever putting bottles of water in my bag without the lid on properly so everything including the bag ends up soaked.
    I’m a substitute teacher and so when I go to schools I often have bags and bags of stuff with me but the multiple pockets in this bag and the great storage space would mean I’d be able to carry everything together and know where exactly it all is in which compartment.

    It would also be very handy outside of school as I have to carry epipens and piriton with me for my niece who lives with me and again the piriton is a bit of a nightmare cos I end up spilling it all over my bag and its contents but in its own pocket it’d save a lot of hassle. Plus the separate pocket for the epipens would also protect them from getting damaged.

  • Pam

    Mia Tui bags are so handy for many things.I personally can’t have too many pocket in a bag.it would be great for when we are out for the day with the grandaughters, or simply for going shopping.Have like on Facebook.

  • lou gourley

    i LOVE these bags…practical and stylish-whats not to love! I’m always looking for a bag with loads of room for all mine and my sons bits and pieces while attempting to look fashionable as well..so thank you for making this bag.

    oh and many happy returns!

  • Julie Henderson

    they are so useful especially due to the awful climate we now have constantly and being a chilminder this would be a godsend for me

    following on twitter @leiajulie

  • Karen Carpenter

    I adore these bags and the waterproof inside is amazingly useful. I’m off on holiday in a few weeks with my partner and messy toddler and this would be perfect to take to the beach and out in the evening with all the usual toddler Paraphernalia. Have liked you on Facebook but don’t have a twitter account.


  • Jocelyn Winter

    My favourite thing about your bags is the seperate pockets for each and everyone of your belongings! Being a worrier on flights for where my personal items are, your bags help me fly, and be anywhere with ease, knowing that a) My items are kept dry, and b) with one swift glance I can check that everything is in its right place! And it’s stylish enough to take anywhere! Thank you and keep up the good work!

  • lucy

    First of all wishing you a very happy 40th birthday. I have to say I like the bag for many reasons but especially the fact it is waterproof, (I always end up getting caught in rain when carrying a fabric one) and the size is perfect for clutter (but not too much).

  • lucy furby

    my whole life can fit in this bag!! i love that its waterproof and the key holder is great as i have a million sets of keys!! i have followed on twitter and fb and retweeted………….have a fab birthday!!!!! x

  • Trish

    I have recently gone back into education, training to be a Social Worker. I desperately need lessons in organisation above everything, I think, so the pockets in your lovely bag, together with the key holder would definitely be my favourite features!

  • Carrie Hickman

    Happy Birthday 🙂

    I would LOVE to win an Amelie bags. As someone who has a passion for bags this bag is a must have for my collection!

    Following you on facebook and tweeted.

    Fingers crossed xx

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