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The Dummy Fariy comes to Vietnam

This should have been done years ago but somehow six years have passed in a blink of an eye and I have not had the heart to take away Amelie’s precious dummy away.

I know I can hear you now, what is a nearly 6-year-old doing with a dummy.!, but this was her crutch, her comforter, just like her sister goes to bed with two soft bean bags but I am not looking to take them away and people are not shocked when a 8-year-old takes a teddy bear on holiday, I know had one for years, but when a child over 3 years old has a dummy it looks silly.

She only had the dummy to go to bed, or if she was really tired, but she loved them so much, I kept saying “once her 1st tooth came out then the tooth and dummy fairy will come together.”

How did it come about last night..? I don’t know, I am always asking her when she is going to get rid of them, but last night I said let’s look on the internet at how a 6-year-old can get rid of their dummies, so she told me what to type into Google, and some forums popped up, I stated reading them to her, then I made up a response that was more directed to her.

Well this seemed to hit the spot as she went and put her dummies under her pillow and wanted to write a note to the dummy fairy.

She was so upset, kissing goodbye to her dummy, writing a note asking the dummy fairy to look after them as she loves the so so so so so so so much, she even asked me to “take a picture of her and her dummy so she can remember them when she gets older”

I was preparing myself for the worst going to bed, but she was fantastic and went to sleep straight away.

I got to work writing a letter to her from Daisy the dummy fairy telling her how the babies in fairyland will look after her dummies and that she is such a big girl.  Luckily I had brought a present for her 6th birthday yesterday, so wrapped that up, and left money under her pillow.

1.30am this morning she woke up to check if “she” had been, once she realised the dummy fairy had been I had to get up to let her open the present and read the letter, she was so happy and proud of herself.

I am sure it can’t be that easy and there will be some bad nights ahead where she is going to cry as there is no dummy, she has to go through some sort of withdrawal doesn’t she..?

I’ve been sacked..!

I have been sacked by my web developer, can you bloody believe it..!

I hired this guy as he told me his was the best etc, etc, then promptly buggers off to Spain as he has some personal business and formal business to sort out.

He leaves just as the website is finishing and then I can’t get hold of him, oh and guess what stupid old me did, I went and paid him in full for the work before it was finished.. yes I will never make that mistake again. I am someone who works on trust, shame
other people are not always like that!

It has been the most frustrating process in my life to get the website up and running, it is in part due to me not knowing anything about all the technical terms, he would bamboozled me with things, then throw back in my face that it was not in the original “site map”..

One thing I was very clear on was that I needed a facility for promotional codes, there are so many emails from me asking where the function was, he told me it would be sorted after the website went live.

I get an email asking me about the promotional code and what I actually want it to do, finally I am gong to get my promotional code..!

I give my response by email, but want I really need is him to have a face to face meeting so he can walk me through it, that way we are both clear. There are a few back and forth emails as he is not clear, I am not clear, you get the picture..!

Then I get an email two days ago giving me a price for having this function.. the function I have been asking for from the very beginning..! So he gets it from me, I am like a coiled spring at the moment; I can blow at any time..!! and boy did I BLOW..!

The next day I get an email saying that “I should find myself a new developer”… WTF, I didn’t even know I could have sacked him, if I had known that I would have done it ages ago.

Thank god for friends, I managed to find myself a new developer who met with me straight away and will help me get my promotional code function, so I can give special discounts to all the lovely people who would like to buy a Mia Tui bag.

BIG lesson learnt..!

Crap Crap Crappity Crap

Crap there is just not enough hours in the day..

So the countdown has begun we leave six weeks Saturday, we have to spend two days in HK as the price of the flights had doubled from my original date, so we will now spend a couple of days with Mickey and catch up with old friends.

Disneyland Hong Kong is one of my favourite places, so not a bad place to have to go to, we used go a couple of times a week when we lived in HK, it is a smaller version than the Paris one, and perfect for my children’s ages, and as the Chinese do not get up too early you don’t have to queue.

So what is taking up so much of my time..

  • Trying to reduce the amount of furniture we have, there is no way on god’s earth it is going to fit in our house in England, so I am selling it off piece by piece.
  • Culling the toy collection, it’s a perfect time to for a few bits to go missing.
  • Re-directing all the post, or in my case working out what is sent where, some to my Mum’s some still to HK and some to Vietnam.
  • Looking for schools
  • Trying to renovate our house from 7,000 miles away, I have even tried to mock-up the lounge here to replicate what it would look like.. I need to let this go and wait until we are back home.
  • Find homes for the hamsters.. and find identical hamsters in the UK, oh yes I couldn’t face telling the girls that Latte and Lilly would have to stay in Vietnam.. so you will all be on the lookout for lookalikes.
  • Then there is the small task of making sure that Mia Tui will run smoothly without me, I am busy having meetings with zip, thread, hardware, fabric manufactures. I have got the business to a level that I can meet the minimum requirements, 10,000 zips..!!!
  • Oh and selling a few bags, still teaching aerobics and looking after the kids

When you put it all down on paper it doesn’t look that bad, but let me tell you my head wants to explode.

It has been an interesting task meeting with all the different manufactures, the one that stand out is the Zip factory.. this factory runs 24 hours a day, I saw girls hand painting adidas zip pullers..! and the sight of all the fabric part of the zips being automatically stitched to the zippy part, thousand and thousands of metres of fabric running above my head was amazing.

They can make any design of zip puller, so I think I will have the Mia Tui star on the next round of bags.

OK off to get all the new bags photographed for the website now.. then show a shipping company round the house, and I need to pick the girls up from school.

The Mummy Bloggers Reviews

Mia Tui Bag Reviews…

I handpicked some of the UK’s best mummy bloggers to review the
Amelie bag,  the  On-Line Mummy Blogging Community is another world full of people
making friends, giving advice and generally socializing.

There is even a conference called CyberMummy being held in June which sold
out months ago, this is where the bloggers will come together impart information
and learn new things I guess. I also think that it will be friends getting
together chatting and having a few too many wines’..!

Please take time to read some of the reviews on the Amelie
bag (just click on the icons), it is really such a great bag for Mum’s who need
to take a lot of things with them, or people who are travelling. This bag will
allow you to always find your things and look gorgeous too.

You will also enjoy reading the blogs..

There are a couple more reviews pending, and I will share
those with you when they are in.

I am busy finalizing the last touches to the new bags before
they all get packed up and put in a container at the beginning of July.

I am with a photographer
on Monday taking pictures of all the bags, so I can share some of the new collection
with you soon.

The full collection will be on sale by mid-August all being
well, and I am looking to recruited a few people to help launch the “Mia Tui

Sneaky look at the new bag being made

A few pictures of the fantastic new bag being made.. I will revel it all when I run the competition to name the bag in June.. and I will hand carry a bag home for the winner in July..  xx

My Best BAG Yet..!

My best bag yet..

I have had to fast track the Mia Tui range due to my
impending return to the UK in less than 8 weeks.

I had always planned to have 3 bags in the Mia Tui range,
each designed for a different reason. The Amelie bag is the bag for all
reasons, whether you are travelling, using it as a baby bag or work bag, it
will allow you to bring all your things and still be able find them.

Then came the Ava bag, this is a smaller version of the Amelie
but with a slightly different design, this is for women who don’t need to carry
the kitchen sink with them but still need to be organized and look stylish with

The final bag is an Across the body bag that really is your
everyday bag, you still have all fantastic Mia Tui interior with all the
pockets, clips and water bottle holder.

The beauty of this bag is you can wear it across your body
allowing your hands to be free, but with a quick change of the strap you can
wear it as a handbag under your arm..

Two bags in one.. how cleaver am I..! well not really that
cleaver as there are other bags like it on the market, but not with the gorgeous
Mia Tui interior.

I have to say that I am a little in LOVE with this bag, and
so is everyone else who sees the sample I am using at the moment.

I am frantically trying to make more ( I am banking on this
being a winner..!) to bring back to the UK with me, but today I hit a brick wall
as they are out of stock of the buckle I need.. They promise me it will be here
in two weeks, but experience tells me not to believe too much, as they will always
say yes when they mean no.

I am making the bag in 4 colours, chocolate-brown, black,
Red canvas and Tan canvas, I also went to a leather tannery today to get some fabric
samples to take back with me, and the leather is gorgeous, so soft like butter.
I will start to make the bags in leather next year.

I really hate shopping for fabric, I get bamboozled by all
the different colours, I know I should have a range collection in my head, but
once I see all the colours my brain gets pickled.

My life is running at a million miles an hour at the moment,
So much to do and so little time.

I am looking forward to coming home to England, cool air is what
I crave at the moment, it’s 38 degrees here at the moment.

My husband is currently in Singapore at a trade show,
networking away to try to find another job, as his experience for the past 7
years is Asia based he is more likely to get a job here, as much as I really
want him to get a job, I know if he gets something now it will be based in Asia
and I long for the Green, Green Grass of HOME..!