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My Day in Picture Part 2 – The Royal Wedding

After a very long and hot morning in the markets, I hot footed it home, showered, made the cucumber sandwiches got the girls dressed and went over to my friend Sarah’s house for a Royal Wedding tea party, not much tea going on.. more Champagne & Pimms (yes we managed to find a dusty old bottle in Rebecca’s drink cupboard.!).

The mix of nationalities came together to celebrate Will & Kate’s wedding, it made the 3 Brits of the party feel proud to be British.

I was so please that Sarah went the extra mile, I think due my circumstances I would have not done anything special and just watched it on the TV with the girls. 

I have vivid memories as a child of the Silver Jubilee and Charles & Diana’s wedding, the excitement of running around in Red, White & Blue and the street parties,   I hope that my girls got a sence of the excitements that surrounds our heritage.

A few pictures of the party..

The party decorations were made by my good friend Simone, she is the “go to girl” for anything party related, invitations, themed decorations. She has set up a fantastic Etsy store selling themed parties kits that you can amend and print off yourself.. go and check out her site.

Well today is my husbands birthday, luckily I have got up early and put up one of Simones Happy Bithday banners, was going to bake a cake, but there is no butter.. just as well he knows how useless I am..! I will get the girls to make a card when they get up (why I didn’t do this yesterday I will never know) and we will bring him coffee in bed, what more can a man ask for..!

My day in pictures Part 1

Today I needed to go any buy all the elements that make up the Mia Tui bags.

You only see the Amelie bag on the website, but I also have the Ava bag which is available in Asia and the bag with “no-name” is nearly finished, few tweaks then I will be very happy.

I want to share a little of the sights of the Vietnam markets. Vietnam is an amazing place where people are busy buying, trading and making so many, many things.

I bet you didn’t know that Tiffany jewelery is made here in Vietnam, I still haven’t managed to find the factory, my friends husband has though..!

I hope you my photo montage..

The ride in from my house

At the Markets..

On the way home

So now I am off to a Royal Wedding Party.. so you can see my life in Picture part two later..!


The bag with no-name..

Today I got up early to go to Long Kanh province which is where my bags are made. It is not that far in distance but on the Vietnam roads takes about 2 hours.

I love looking out the window on the drive up,  it is amazing the different things you see, small shops selling metal clothes rails, coffee shops, all manner of industrial items from piping, diggers, glass, paint, to the beautifully displayed fruit stalls.
People are just sitting around chatting, playing cards, you wonder how things get done around here, sleeping seems to be a major part of the Vietnamese day, you will find them sleeping on their bikes, in hammocks under trucks.  I have even seen someone sleeping in a hammock in-between a bus shelter. Even in offices people will turn off the lights lay on the floor and have a sleep at lunch-time.

I was visiting the girls who make my bags, to design a new bag,  I have the “Amelie” bag (big bag)  the “Ava” bag (medium bag) that has just hit the streets of Vietnam, coming soon to the UK,  so now I want a bag that goes across the body (baby bag)  For those of you not in Vietnam a little preview of the Ava bag, it will come in 5 colours, Cream, Purple, Black, Brown and Silver.

So to the bag with No-name…

I am designing an over the body bag, that you can just throw over your body and have your hands free. 

It will have the Mia Tui signature interior, bright colours, pockets, clips and water-bottle holder, and of course the clear insert bag .

 I am going to run a competition to name the new bag.. the winner will get to have the bag named after them or a loved one, and they will get to keep the 1st bag made.  So watch this space.

Picture of Van looking very serious as we get the size right and me playing with the fabric for the new bag..  C x

10 things you didn’t know about me.

I have been tagged to write the 10 things you didn’t know about me by she has just been given the  Kreativ Blog award

The rules

1)  Link 10 blogs

2) Tell these bloggers about the award

3) Write 10 facts about yourself.

10 things about me..

  1. Held the world cup at Wembley
  2. I have been in a Jackie Chan movie with my daughter
  3. Met my husband On-Line 9 years ago
  4. Favourite drink is a gin and tonic
  5. I have taught aerobics since I was 18
  6. Lived in America, Hong Kong and Vietnam
  7. Ride a moped around Vietnam
  8. Can shove 18 marshmallows in my mouth at 1 time
  9. Favourite food is a roast dinner
  10. My husband is French (I’m struggling here!)

I found this very hard to complete..

So for me to tag 10 fantastic blogs.




I can’t wait to see Autumn again

Having been away for 7 years in Asia I have missed the changing seasons of living in England.

You lose all perspective for the time of year, I remember in November looking at a magazine showing it was the Nov issue, and thought to myself god that’s old, it was only when my husband brought it to read that I realised we actually were in November.

The year is divided into two, Dry and Wet,and  the temperature doesn’t really dip below 28 degrees all year.

These are the things I am looking forward to when I get back.

Conkers – need to relive my childhood through my kids
Pine cones – painting them for Christmas
Walking through the fallen leaves in the Autumn
The amazing colours of the leaves in Autumn
Spring flowers – daffodils are my favourite
The long summer nights
The dark winter nights – I loved being home all snuggly as a kid when it was dark outside
Snow – that silence when you wake up and you know it has snowed
Making a snowman with the girls
Opening the windows
The smell of the clothes from the washline when it comes indoors ( I am not looking forward to the ironing..!)
Smell of cut grass
The sence of belonging again..

Happy Easter, hope you are all eating lots of chocolate. x

How do you get the work/life balance with Kids

How do you get the work/life balance with Kids

I am struggling at the moment, I am trying to get up and running and it’s taking up a lot of  my time. I try my hardest to finish for when I pick the girls up from school, but the bags are here in the house, and there is so much to do.

My girls are starting to really hate the bags – they are starting to be naughty to gain my attention, and then I get angry and start to shout.

How do you manage..? I remember reading an article of a successful Mum, she said you have to switch off, so when you are at work that is all you think about, and the same when you are at home with your children.

So I am going to try to leave work up stairs in the office when I pick the girls up from school, even if I have to get up super early and work until late at night.

Hopefully when Mia Tui is successful and the girls are a little older they will appreciate all the hard work, and they would have gained a valuable lesson, if you work hard enough you can be successful.