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What goes into making a bag..?

What goes into making a bag..

I would never really have given this a thought before I starting making bags.. I would just use my bag and never think about where it came from and never give a 2nd thought about the person making it.

I even think I thought that bags were made by machines, and only the very expensive bags were made by hand. But now I know differently.. every bag is hand cut and hand stitched, there is fabric to strengthen the bag material, different types of base material, different types of thread, and fabric has to be “skived” to make it thinner to allow it to be used in different ways.

Now I know all this I wonder how you can find such cheap bags, I think about the person who is making the bags and if they are getting a fair wage..?

I have made a decision that Mia Tui will work with local women who have their own small businesses, they are getting a fair wage and working their own hours to suit their family circumstances.

I have found the most fantastic woman to work with here in Vietnam. Van has so much knowledge about making bags, and always wants to make beautiful well crafted bags, she is obsessed with leather and can’t wait until Mia Tui starts producing in leather.

When Mia Tui starts producing in leather we will only use good quality leather, no point in using the leather that has been mixed with a pasted and has a plastic coating on it..

Yes you can market the bag as “leather” but really it is no better than PVC plastic.

The cost goes up when you use good leather and I want people to understand what the Mia Tui bags are all about first.

People have got so use to buying cheap bags in the market we are sometime reluctant to buy something that has been made using good quality fabric, and by workers that are getting a fair wage and good working conditions.

A Fabulous week in Thailand

Just back for a fantastic week in Krabi with 3 other families and kids..!

I can safely say that going away with other people is the way to go, the kids had a blast and for the 1st time in 5 years I got to read a book and relax.

The bag held up to the test, was a great for travelling then turned into a great beach bag..  I am now waiting for the final stock to be finished and then it’s time to Sell Sell Sell..

Beach bag