Monthly Archives: January 2011

Waiting for the New Bags

Well the new Mia Tui bags are under way, I have had 100 of them delivered, in a burgundy brown and a rather nice off white/pinkish imitation snake fabric, both have the hot pink interior.

The Website is under development and I am now working on how to get the bags to the UK and Australia..

I can’t believe how many people mention the bags and how much they love them, just hope this will be the case when we ship to the UK and Australia..

It will be TET here in Vietnam next week, the whole country closes down and goes to spend time with their families.. we are off to Thailand, and I am sure the Mia Tui bag will come in useful on the plane and around the pool..

No major developments, still can not believe my driver didn’t tell me his sister owned a bag factory.. but I know now, and they are busy making some baby change mats that fit into the bag.

Until next time.. Mia Tui